Increasing sales and driving revenue for a high growth, high tech startup

Atlas are a Los Angeles based high growth, high tech startup focusing on stocks and shares.

Atlas came to us with an urgent need and tight turnaround time. They were launching an ambitious telemarketing office in CA within 2 weeks. Although the office space, team and product were all well prepared, they had no method of managing sales, or contacting customers.


They were committed to an intensive telemarketing strategy which would rely on a large sales team cold calling potential prospects.

The Challenge

We worked with Atlas to identify and confirm the high level sales process their sales agents would work to.

We then mapped out the full sales process to ensure buy in from the team and final sign off.

We identified the various technology required to enable the workflow.

Kixie was selected as the VOIP system of choice, mainly due to local presence dialling.

We then setup Pipedrive, matching functionality to the designed workflow.

With many multiple lead sources in various formats these had to be standardized before importing into Pipedrive.

Custom formula was created enabling timezones to be produced from prospect location, mapped to custom fields within Pipedrive.

De-dupley was used to merge any duplicates which were found between leads lists.

Setup then fully tested, following leads from initial enquiry through to close deal.

Leads were then imported into the CRM and assigned to the relevant sales reps.

We then trained the trainer, ensure ATLAS are empowered to develop their sales process further should they need.

The Approach

We mapped out NetFusions existing end to end sales process to identify areas which could be automated and areas that could be scaled.

We identified the potential to score leads based on prospect engagement.

We worked with Outfunnel to create drip feed email campaigns which synced to Pipedrive.

Creating Pipedrive workflows allowed us to move deals through the sales pipeline based on activity within Outfunnel.

We documented the new sales flow presenting a visual representation to the team for sign off.


ATLAS now have a logical sales process which their expanding sales team can follow clearly.

The system ensures management have full oversight of their team, and their performance.

New starters are able to be quickly onboarded.

ATLAS have far exceeded their ambitious launch targets.

We continue to partner, ensuring regular leads lists are standardised, imported and distributed equally between sales reps.


“We’d decided to implement a new CRM and knew we needed a Pipedrive consultant to help us with our complex setup, both in terms of Pipedrive CRM and our lead sources. Daniel and his team have been absolute lifesavers, significantly reducing my stress. “